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Retailer Display Box Packaging Why and How to Design Your Own 

Branded watch boxes are a great way to show people your watches. They keep the watches safe and protect them from being damaged.  

Display boxes are for showing what your stuff is. Some things you need to know before designing them include what size they should be, how many there should be, and the shape. 

First, decide if you want the box to be reusable or disposable. 

Second, think about what design would work best for your watch. This is important because the design should complement the look and feel of your brand while also protecting it during transport and on store shelves for optimal exposure. 

Easy to Find and Get

Display boxes can be found everywhere. This means that it is easy to find them and use them. They are used in many places, for example, at luxury stores and online stores. When you sell watches, you might need display boxes because some stores ask for them and may even give design specifications to follow. 

If you need help with display boxes, we can tell you what you need to know. 

Display box packaging is a way for retailers to show their product. It can help with branding, sales, marketing, and more. In this post we will look at some of the most popular types of display box packaging and what they do for you as well as how to design your own. 

Show Off Your Products

Retailers use display boxes to show off their products. This is a simple idea that has been around for many years. Brands like Movado, Fossil and Armani Exchange all use display boxes with their brands on them to sell their products. 

The display box is important. It can make people choose to buy your product or not. Visit at

Movado watches are a good example of this. You can buy them for thousands of dollars, but they come in black boxes without any logos on the outside. The only logo is etched onto one corner. 

This may seem like a strange way to show your product. But when you understand the psychology behind it, it makes sense. This is especially true in the luxury market where packaging doesn’t need to be flashy or fancy. All that matters for this type of watch is how well it communicates with its customer base. 

When you are trying to find display box packaging, there are many factors. One is the type of watch case – round or rectangular. The customer’s demographics should also be considered. The use in the store or on the shelf should be considered as well as available space and more! Some things might work for one retailer, but not another even though they sell similar types of watches. 

Some people like boxes that are rounded because they appeal to younger generations. These people might find traditional lines and styles more appealing. 

Do Research for Better Performance 

The best way to design your own retail display box is to do research on how other brands package their watches. If you find boxes that work well in your market, then use them as a starting point and change anything that is necessary. Design your box according to your brand need. 

You can learn more about why brands are important and how they’re used by top watchmakers. Download our free e-guide to find out the tips from luxury industry experts. 

Display boxes are how stores put things on the shelves. They are needed so customers can see what is for sale. If you think about it, display boxes can be made to look like different things depending on where you buy them. 

Boxes are for shipping watches. They make it easier to ship because the watch does not get hurt. The boxes also have some designs that look nice. 

The first thing you need to do is think about if display box packaging is good for the marketing strategy. If you can use new materials that are durable, then it will be okay. You also need to know how to make them yourself or have the resources available. 

Get Bunch of Offers

If a more advanced way to package your product is right for you, there are a bunch of different options. These include cardboard boxes with foam inserts or plastic. You can also have custom-printed shrink sleeves or eco-friendly recycled materials like pulp paper and bamboo fiber. 

Custom printing can be used on these types of rolls. It is great for other things like shelf talkers, price cards, hang tags and point of purchase displays. These all help people to remember what you are selling. 

Watch brands are trying to find ways to convey their luxury image. They are also trying to maximize their product presence. One way they might do this is with custom-printed retail display boxes. 

The interior and the exterior of the watch box are important parts in designing your luxury brand. 

There are many options. It can be hard to choose the “right” way to do things. But there are some guidelines that can help you when developing your next retail display box packaging. 

How are retail display boxes used?

Retail display boxes are mainly used to show off the product that is being sold. It helps consumers see what they want to buy and it makes them feel like they can trust you. When designing your own retail display box packaging, there are many things you should keep in mind. 

What things should I think about when designing my own retail display box packaging

The size of your product is important. Retailers need to know that it will fit on their shelves and be easily seen by people in the store. 

1. When you pack something, you need to think about if there will be anything else in the box with your item. If not, then it might be smaller. 

2. You might want to put labels on the outside of your package too so people know what is inside (you don’t want someone opening up a watch case at a store). 

Thirdly, what people see from the outside of your store or house will make them want to buy it. You can make this happen by putting a window on the product or angling the box so that people walking down an aisle might see it. 

Finally, you should also think about how your brand as a whole looks and feels. If the retail space is the same or different than others, make sure everything matches together. It may be more of a long term goal than something to worry about right now but what message does your packaging send? Is it simple and elegant like Apple products? Or bolder with bright colors for kids toys? Think carefully before making packaging decisions. 

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