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What are the consequences of plagiarism? How can a paraphrasing tool resolve it?

With so much information influx, the opportunities of copying one’s ideas, thoughts, and expressions are at an all-time high. Instead of doing critical analysis and writing their thoughts, writers have started to take the easy way out. This act of copying from others is known as plagiarism. 

However, you cannot blame all plagiarism on any single reason though, it would be safe to say that it is a multi-varied equation.

At times creators are going through writer’s block, which induces plagiarism. To rank a website, you need a consistent flow of content, but due to obvious human limitations, people fail to rewrite the same thoughts in multiple manners, which results in unintentional plagiarism. And of course, we can’t deny habitual plagiarism as well.

Plagiarism has grave consequences, both for the writer and for overall content creation as well.  Here’s a list of ways in which it can sabotage the writing industry.

  1. Copyright Strikes

The worst form of plagiarism is blatantly copying protected content without giving any credit. If you copy an entire expression or paragraph from the web, modern software will take just a few seconds to detect it. In the content world, it is equivalent to a daylight robbery.

Once you publish such content on the web, you get a strike for copyright infringement. Your content gets blocked and in severe cases, you can get banned from certain websites as well.

  1. Low Rankings

of 200 factors involved in ranking a website, unique content is the most important. If content gets penalized for plagiarism, it would be removed from the high ranks. Your targeted audience won’t be able to find your manuscript whatsoever.

Google has an in-built mechanism for assessing published content. If your content is a replica of previously present content, google would not rank you on top.  That means your business/services will never get more clients than your competitors and you will always stay in second place, which isn’t a good place to be. 

  1. Lack of Creativity

Nature has blessed every writer with its style.  A writer’s genius comes from his personal experiences, his exposure, and the way he perceives life. That is why nobody can write like Keates or Shakespeare.

With plagiarism, human creativity, which separates different writers and is the actual beauty of writing, simply dies. A content creator cannot be a copycat.

  1. Damage to Professional Reputation 

If a writer gets tarnished with allegations of plagiarism, his professional reputation gets damaged. Though the extent of the damage varies as per writing type.

In the academic world, published content determines your success. If your content gets caught, it results in demotion and at times expulsion as well. In web content writing, the punishment isn’t as severe. Still, plagiarism demotes your website ranking, and such writers are paid less with little to no long-term success.

However, a paraphrasing tool can provide an apt solution for this problem.

How can a paraphrasing tool resolve it?

A paraphrasing tool is an online tool used to rewrite text with its context using advanced AI algorithms.  The produced content is unique, and can’t be caught by any plagiarism detector.

Here’s how the paraphrase online tool makes your content plagiarism-free.

Step 1: Collect first-hand information

 Firstly, you need to make an initial writing draft. For that, you need to gather information about your subject. This information can be acquired from various sources. This would serve as your input to the paraphraser. The information should be credible and related to the point you’re discussing.

Below is the paragraph which we have selected for this purpose:


AI example

Step 2: Plagiarism Percentage

After writing a paragraph, use the plagiarism checker tool to know the plagiarism percentage of your written piece. This helps you know the extent of revision. Modern-day tools give us the exact lines which are plagiarized, you can change the whole paragraph or just these lines to overcome this trouble.

Our paragraph had the following plagiarism percentage:

Plagiarism example

Step 3. Go to the Paraphrase tool website

We can find many paraphrasing tools on Google but not all of them are enough to provide a good result. However, we have found a good paraphrasing tool and click here to use it:

Step 4. Copy and paste your data:

The tool will show two windows. On the left is an input window, where you will copy your gathered first-hand information, while on the left is the output window, where you can get the desired result.

We have pasted our selected text on the left tab.

Paraphrasing tool input

Step 5. Select Desired Paraphrase

This rewriter tool has got 7 different types of paraphrasing options available.

Depending upon the circumstances and requirements, you can utilize any of the 7 modes. To cater to our needs, we are going to use Creative Mode.

Click on “Paraphrase

After pasting the initial draft and selecting the type of paraphrase, all you need to do is click on “Paraphrase”, the rewriter will show the desired text in the right tab. 

Paraphrasing tool output

The red letters mark the changes which have been applied to the initial text which is a total of 31%. The changes are grammatically accurate while keeping the central theme intact as well.

Step 6. Rechecking the Plagiarism percentage

To confirm the quality of the paraphraser, you can recheck the plagiarism percentage. It will drop to 0%, showing that the rewritten content is unique.

Plagiarism report

The above picture shows that our rewritten content is completely free from any plagiarism.  By using this tool you can make your content unique as many times as you want without having to pay any unnecessary charges.

Ending Note:

Plagiarism is the worst enemy of any writer. It results in the destruction of reputation, lack of intuitiveness, low website rankings, and in the worst-case scenario, legal complications. Online Paraphrasing can come to your rescue in this situation. This article explains how they can make your content 100% plagiarism-free.

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