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What is mobile video advertising?

Mobile app video ads have been the primary resource for user engagement for nearly a decade. It is one of the most interactive user experience formats on all major platforms. This move of video ad formats to mobile has to do with the fact that nearly 75% of all his videos shall consume on mobile. 

Mobile video ads likely to be watched to the end, and with the rise of time-limited platforms, 30-second videos have become the norm. The biggest advantage is that 88% of the time, you can watch it all the way through without affecting the user experience.

Mobile Drives Sharing, mobile app video ads viewers are likelier to share effective mobile app video ads, especially those that go viral. It is a great way to increase your exposure and grow your monetization path organically.

Better target geolocation in your mobile app video ads like real estate, advertising is all about location. Geolocation allows you to target mobile users based on their current location. It lets you get a more accurate picture of your actual users and better target them.

How effective is mobile video advertising? 

Now that you’ve learned all the great benefits of mobile video advertising let’s show you how effective mobile app video ads can be from a marketing tool perspective, especially if you have a limited marketing budget.

What are the advantages of mobile advertisement? 4 Benefits of Implementing Mobile Video Ads on Your Website or App 

Mobile app video ads are interactive and engaging. The video is compelling, but there’s more to mobile app video ads. This new technology allows interactive video elements such as small games to be as interactive as possible in mobile app video ads as we do in our iPhone mobile app development services.

Allows for precise targeting:

Accurate targeting is a must in the marketing world. Mobile advertising facilitates data collection to improve future ad targeting and user engagement. Marketers can also use various behavioral or contextual targeting techniques.

CPM and conversion rates for mobile video ads are high:

Mobile app video ads have the highest CPM and conversion rates in the digital advertising industry. It makes it more profitable for advertisers and publishers.

Better Fraud Prevention:

Stopping ad fraud is much easier on mobile than on desktop. It saves a lot of time and money than repurpose for advertising.


Mobile app video ads marketers love mobile video advertising because of its cost-effectiveness. Campaign budgets for mobile video ads are often the lowest of all campaign types.

What are different types of video ads campaigns?

There are various mobile app video ads types that marketers can use in their campaigns. Which one you use depends on your business needs, monthly budget, and target audience. Choosing the right ad type that best fits your campaign goals. Here are the four most common types of mobile video ads:

Interstitial Video Ads 

Interstitial video ads are pop-up ads that appear as short video clips across your screen. You’ve probably seen these ads in free mobile apps. There it is used as a menu change in between or as a monetization strategy. Videos are the most popular, although they can be images or other graphic formats.

The downside of interstitial video ads is that they are very annoying. For this reason, we occasionally used it rather than as a primary strategy.

In-app video ads 

In-app or native ads use in-feed video to promote your brand in social media apps. These feed video ads appear as sponsored/paid ads in users’ feeds on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It’s not as intrusive and effective as in-stream ads, but it provides a disruptive user experience, cannot be blocked, and cleverly blends in with the rest of the content.

What are the five examples of advertising?

Now that we know how mobile video advertising platform works in theory let’s look at how some big-name brands use this kind of advertising across different platforms and formats. Let’s look.

1.      Hugo Boss 

Hugo Boss has managed to capture users’ attention with his Stories Carousel format on Facebook and Instagram. First, the user attracts by the minimal expansion and contraction of the outline of the perfume bottle. The ad then promotes the new fragrance to the target audience. This example shows how a beautiful visual journey can capture the user’s attention in the first few seconds.

  1. Geisha 

Geico has chosen a more traditional approach. Your girlfriend’s YouTube commercial begins with a couple of scenes discussing what’s most important during the holidays. That element of surprise is what makes them want to watch.

This example demonstrates the importance of knowing your target user’s habits and lifestyle when choosing ad types and content for those ads. It is also important to study the behavioral patterns of typical users to know when and how to get their attention.

  1. Duolingo 

For April Fool’s Day 2019, Duolingo successfully launched organic and paid campaigns on various platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They have taken the concept of push notifications to a higher level. As with the Push feature, his Duolingo mascot will once again personally remind you of your streak. This humorous and self-deprecating campaign gained wide reach, and he amassed over 6 million views across all platforms.

  1. wake up 

Wake Up is a meditation and mindfulness course. Facebook Stories ads. We used the brand colors and moods, such as soft and gentle colors, to attract users’ attention.

  1. Samsung 

Samsung grabbed viewers’ attention with its catchy in-ads on Youtube. The ad opens with a school setting and sharp chimes to grab everyone’s attention. What follows is a catchy lip sync to the song Yamada. It showed how spam’s attention to video-format ads is short-lived and how important it is to be aware of it.

Three tips for maximizing mobile video ad performance 

What makes a mobile ad effective? Choose the right platform for your target audience

Before creating great mobile video ads across different platforms, think about your target audience/customer. When you think about video content consumers, it quickly becomes clear which platforms to focus on. It is a great help in prioritizing your time and money.

Adopt vertical mobile app video ads

Vertical video is king for desktops, but vertical video is the best format for mobile users.

Placing the video increases, the chances of the video being watched to the end.

Tell Your Story On Social Media 

The Stories feature on Facebook, and Instagram lets you create big stories with small timed segments.

This video ads on mobile apps feature is especially appealing because it allows you to tell an entire story in a small, bite-sized clip.


Calculating the three hours each user spends on her mobile device, up to thousands of ads can be served to active her users daily. mobile phone advertisement video are probably the way to go if you’re looking for the best way to reach relevant audiences.

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