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How to Use Webinars in the Travel Industry

The travel and tourism industry is one of the significantly growing industries of all time. More people nowadays plan to travel as there is a saying travel the world before you leave this world. And literally, the increasing number shows that people are taking it seriously. Globalization has not just expanded the horizon for business but for tourists as well, with the new marketing trends, plenty of destinations, and great ticket availability making the tourism business lucrative. 

Due to all these the competitors are increasing making it hard to capture customers. If you feel the same and find others ways to win customers then keep reading till the end. In this modern age where social media is popular, there are many other aspects that can be used to enhance your business. Well, there are many technological advancements that offers you a wide range of state of art tool “Webinar” is one of them.

Webinars in the Travel Industry

In the market, there are many webinar hosting services and platforms that replaced traditional brochures and empower you to connect with your customers or targeted audience in real-time for interaction. 

Tourism Business Marketing Is Going Digital

From online hotel bookings, and tickets to what to explore in the chosen destination are all believable to went virtually. The rising software and services by different brands are making it easier for the tourist to safely travel and know all the fun facts as well as get discounts. All businesses are using online marketing tools and webinars for online communication and marketing can be considered the best practices.

Webinars are used not only for promotion but also to generate leads and sales pitches, as well as to provide value-added content in the form of guides. All can be possible with webinars. Let’s explore how webinars will be helpful for you.

Who can profit from travel industry webinars?

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “travel industry” probably travels agencies. The opportunities to use webinars for marketing and communication if you run or work for a travel agency are practically limitless.

Discover what types of online meetings you can hold in the following paragraphs, as well as whether tourism offices, hotels, and airlines can profit from hosting webinars for the travel sector.

Online webinar hosting is very flexible that provides a wide range of features this allows you to meet a variety of requirements for marketing and promotional efforts in the travel sector. Let’s look at the key points in which a webinar can help you;


Promotions are quite necessary for every business as without it you will not be able to create brand awareness. By setting up a webinar you can give links to online meetings and showcases; 

  • Display the brand-new hotel.
  • Take your clients on a quick tour of the resort to let them know what to expect.
  • To showcase the highlights of one of your recent trips, host a live online event.

Useful Tips

Professional webinar services can be used to interact with your customers who already bought the package in order to share information and key tips. You can share lot of things such as; 

  • Talk about local habits
  • Teach the local rules
  • Share useful tips and tricks


One happy customer’s recommendation is worth hundreds of ads, banners or promotional emails. And often it costs you nothing. So, find some time to run a live webinar for one of your optional tours.

Recommendations work the best as mouth advertising is considered very effective. And showing testimonials doesn’t cost you, so why not incorporate them in a way that appeals to your targeted audience? 

Promotion of a city or region

Are you in charge of attracting tourists to your city? Obviously, you want to draw in as many customers as possible. Consider that you are hosting a broadcast of a yearly event that takes place in your cities, such as a street art festival, a summer fair, or a sailing competition. Use a webinar platform to deliver it live and give your audience a chance to ask you questions. You can respond to their comments and queries or try to find out what other events they would want to see.

Team Training and Workshop Sessions

If your travel company has numerous locations spread out throughout the globe, you most likely do routine staff training. new locations, lodging options, and tours. updates to your terms and conditions, as well as discounts and special offers. You must keep your team informed about all such occurrences, whether they are political, natural calamities, or changes in exchange rates. Run a webcast training that everyone can participate in rather than inviting them all to your office. The live webinar service provider offers lots of interactive tools and features like you can share the screen, live chat, polls or quizzes to know whether your employees have understood or not. 

Additionally, you can offer an online customer helpline, communicate with other collaboration of local partners and obviously promote your sponsors like any particular airline or hotel, which can increase your ROI. 

Webinars are quite helpful and can work as beautiful brochures, as they are much more than what a brochure offers. Webinar platforms offer an array of features and tools to help you in the overall procedure to win the customer’s heart. They are;

Webinar Hosting Services Features

  • Custom branding
  • Presentation 
  • Q&A session 
  • Webinar recording 
  • Polls and surveys 
  • Live Chats
  • And Much More!

These above-mentioned tools are quite satisfactory features that can help you in making the online meeting more interactive, and lively. If you utilize all these in a proper way the chances to generate leads and close the deals are more. 

Start Using Webinar: Your New Age Brochure And Communication Tool

As you have read and observed that there is an array of ways in which a webinar platform can be used. You can communicate with your audience as well as conduct team meetings which are cost-effective as well as convenient. If you are ready to digitalize your business and want to stand out from the crowd webinar can be your powerful weapon.

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